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Emma Lately & Andrea Toth



The 'Eat Like A Runner' cookbook is aimed at anyone who is looking for healthy, wholesome, and nutritional recipes.

We are celebrating fresh, whole ingredients and minimising processed foods for overall health and wellbeing. It is beneficial to get a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat throughout the day.

Carbs play a crucial role in our diet. It is our body's primary energy source. Carb loading is common among runners, but the best is to eat nutrient-packed complex carbohydrates (fruit, veg, beans,  nuts & wholegrain) rather than empty ones. Be sure not to eat too many complex carbs directly before running. Fibre is hard to digest while exercising. Eat it well before or just after you run.

Protein is needed to rebuild your muscles. You should eat lean meats, eggs, nuts, and yogurt to speed recovery and rebuild muscles.

Fat helps boost your overall calorie intake and it can also help boost your recovery.

Your local greengrocers, fishmonger, butcher, farmers market, or supermarket can easily provide all the wholesome nutrient-rich foods.

All the money raised from this cookbook will go directly to BHF.

The Eat like a runner cookbook is available to download for a minimum donation of £10 to the British Heart Foundation. Those who donate will automatically receive a link to download the e-cookbook from my website via the Thank You email.